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Jul 23, 2012 jQuery


I was working on a project where I wanted to WordWrap some content and either display an ellipse or add a toggle button to show/hide more. Looking around I could not find anything that did what I wanted, so I tossed together the below. Performance is great and works pretty good.

The Code

This snippet is also hosted as a Gist on Github:

Usage examples


This is a demo of the wordwrap. ### Demo Code
This is a demo of the wordwrap.
jQuery.fn.wordwrap = function(){ 

    // Get Args
    var args = arguments[0] || {}; 

    // Default Options
    var options = { 
        'type': 'slide', 
        'length': 50, 
        'more_text': 'Show More', 
        'hide_text': 'Hide More', 
        'ellipsis': '...' 

    // Merge defaults with args
    options = $.extend({}, options, args);

    $.each($(this), function(key,value){
        var str = $(value).html();
        if(str.length > options.length){
            var display = str.substr(0, options.length-3);
            var displayFill = str;

            if(options.type == 'slide'){
                $(value).append('<br /><a class="wordwrap wordwrap-it-'+key+'" href="#">'+options.more_text+'</a>');
                $(document).delegate('a.wordwrap-it-'+key, 'click', function(e){
                    if($(value).find('a.wordwrap-it-'+key).text() == options.more_text){
                        $(value).html(displayFill).append('<br /><a class="wordwrap wordwrap-it-'+key+'" href="#">'+options.hide_text+'</a>');

                     $(value).html(display).append(options.ellipsis).append('<br /><a class="wordwrap wordwrap-it-'+key+'" href="#">'+options.more_text+'</a>');

$('.wordwrap').wordwrap({'type': 'slide', 'length': 75});




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