Windows Filetime to Unix

Nov 18, 2011 Windows

Working with Windows Timestamps

When it comes to programming, I spend a lot of time in the world of LDAP, specifically Active Directory. I use it’s powers to authenticate, authorize and manage. To do so, I can make a request to the LDAP server, get the user information back and magic logical decision from there. Some fields returned via Active Directory are date/time fields. These fields include lastpwreset and lastlogin. Unfortunately, Microsoft has implemented some dark age logic, the basis of their nanosecond timestamp since the 1600’s.

As most developers and designers are using Linux/Unix boxes for development and hosting, consistency with Unix Timestamps is a must.

The Functions:

To convert from Windows time to Unix:

// Windows to Unix Time
// @param Windows Timestamp
function wftime2unix($timestamp) {
    return ceil(($timestamp/10000000) - 11644473600);

To do the reverse, use the below:

// Unix to Windows Time
// @param Unix Timestamp
function unix2wftime($timestamp) {
    return (($timestamp + 11644473600) * 10000000);

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