String Encoding Weirdness

Feb 6, 2015 Ruby


I was investing some more time into rebuilding Cronus for TitanOSX. Within the communications from the titan client to Cronus, I have python make an HTTP call that adds a HTTP Header to it’s requests. I was using this header to validate the user (think Bearer) within an ActiveRecord call, but it kept returning nil.


I scratched my head for a few minutes trying to figure out if it was white-spacing or not, so instinctively I tried things like #strip to no avail. Of course, when dealing with strings, you should always check encoding. Come to find out, that’s exactly what the problem was.

Resolving the Issue

In Ruby, you can change encoding with the String#encode, like in the snippet below.

Once the encoding was changed, I was able to use the new string the query ActiveRecord correctly, and got exactly what I needed.

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