Set Width for Twitter Bootstrap Add-On's Dynamically

Oct 12, 2012 jQuery


In an effort to prioritize and better manage my time, I have invested in using open resources such as Twitter Bootstrap and alike. One of the features I liked was the form input class add-on. The add-on allows you prepend or append a legend or key to an input field. It is visually appealing and makes the user experience better.

One bone I had to pick was to align the width of the add-on when there was varaible length text inside.

The Function: organizeAddOns

In an effort to remedy this, I came up with the below jQuery function:

$.fn.organizeAddOns = function(){ 
    maxwidth = 0; 
    $.each($(this), function(k, v){ 
        if( $(v).width() > maxwidth ){ 
            maxwidth = $(v).width(); 




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