01 March 2013

That time of time the year

It's March, which means Spring is right around the corner. In parallel to the season change, we are going through some changes here at High On PHP. Life can get hectic, and blogs can become illegible or grammatically incorrect; that information can be outdated and obsolete. We are going to take this opportunity to refactor our posts and pages, which means validating and updating references. We will also deploy a new theme, and expand on some topics previous talked about. Continue reading to learn more about our scheduled maintenance.

What to expect

Here are some details on what you can expect to see after the maintenance is complete:

  • Post Refactoring : Many of the posts are there for either quick snippets, reminders or
  • Site Redesign : We have been using a theme for quite some time borrowed from Digital Nature. We thank them for making this available to the public, but it's time we take a unique approach to your experience.

Scheduled Downtime

You can expect some scheduled downtime for 15 minutes at a time, no more than 3 times a day. This may include HTTP errors 403, 404 and 500, as well and connection timed outs and maintenance pages being displayed.

Thank you for your time and cooperation during this change!

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Mike Mackintosh

This post was written by Mike Mackintosh, a decorated security professional.

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