libncurses Shared Object Not Found

Jul 17, 2012 System Administration

Package Dependencies

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of working with some contractors who loved linux. Unfortunately, they only used Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu and Mint. As a result, they were not used to the yum package manager as their taste leaned more towards aptitude.

With yum, different architectures have dedicated packages. For example, an Intel 32-bit platform would use i386 and native 64-bit AMD would use x86_64. If you need support for 32-bit packages on a 64-bit platform, all you need to do is specify it!

This issue is not specific to libncurses but being a common package, it is likely frequently appear.

The Error

error while loading shared libraries:
    cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The Fix

You can fix this issue by installing the 32-bit libraries for ncurses. You can do so by running the following command:

yum install ncurses-devel.i686


We hope this helps shed some light on possible No such file or directory errors you may encounter.

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