Get An Apple Model Name from the Serial Number

Feb 12, 2015 How To


In TitanOSX, I use the serial number of the device as a unique key/index. This is because there should always be a unique serial number. Part of the reason is, just like a MAC address or Zip Code, each segment of the number represents something specific.

For example, with Apple products, the last 4 of the serial number can be used to get the model type, such as Mac Book Pro Mid-2014 or iMac Mid-2012, etc.

Sending the Request

It is very simple to achieve this, assuming serial is the Apple product serial number:

For your convenience, I have included the expected response from Apple:


Since the response is simply XML, you can easily adapt this to any language you need. Just remember that you need the LAST 4 of the serial only, otherwise you’ll get thrown an error.

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