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Nov 4, 2011 Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Themes

There are a lot of IDE’s out there when it comes to programming. Each IDE has it’s own syntax style defaults, and they are not always pretty. Along side of being pretty, it needs to be calming, relaxing and readable. I used to use Dreamweaver simply for the built in SVN+SSH, SFTP/FTP and Syntax Highlighting capabilities but since move to Zend Studio.

Since I’ve recently been getting in touch with my GIT side, I stumbled upon their online editor and thought it was gorgeous! It gave me inspiration for a new Dreamweaver color scheme. Below, I have included a few screenshots of PHP and XML. The font I use on my Windows machine is called ‘Anonymous Pro’, which can be found on FontSquirrel.

On my iMac (SplugBox), I use one called Terminal Dosis, from Pablo Impallari, the designer of Lobster.


PHP Source Code View XML Source Code View

Download You can download the files as follows:


I am going to be working on an installer but for the time being follow these steps:

The background color will need to be set to #0D0D0D or whatever you would prefer via the Preferences window.

I enjoyed making this theme, and plan on making some more in the future. I have even began drafting a Dreamweaver Theme Generator, to let folks easily choose complimenting colors.

Update: I use Sublime Text 3 and vim now, so don’t expect updates.

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