Dark Dreamweaver Theme - dTR

Jan 25, 2012 Dreamweaver

The Theme

Here is a second theme, named dTR after some recalled memories of a Return to Castle Wolfenstein clan, ‘Doing Things Right.’ The clan tags were bright and vibrant, just like this theme. Bright color for variables and reserved keywords, and dull colors for strings and constants. This one really helps you focus. Below, I have included a few screenshots of PHP, but it supports CSS, HTML, Javascript and XML. Note: Colors are a bit more brilliant than what the screenshots show.


You can download the files as follows: - Dreamweaver Giah Theme


I am going to be working on an installer but for the time being follow these steps: - On Windows: - Copy the file to: %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS5.5\en_US\Configuration\CodeColoring\

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