Attach to Existing Processes in *nix

Feb 9, 2015 How To


I was working on a project where we had long-lived console sessions open with root terminals available. If you don’t know what that means, simple put: THAT IS ZOMG BAD, SO EFFING BAD!.

This means that if someone walked up to one of the servers, or had access to a tool like Foreman, KVM, or a console emulator, they would have root access to your machine. In a production environment, this should never happen.

Checking Your Sessions

First, let’s see what sessions are out there that you may need to attach to:

From the example, you can see that the root user had the console open since 31Jan15. That’s a long time.

You can use the following snippet to grab the $PID:

Monitoring The Output

Depending on your OS, you should have strace available. Using strace we can attach to an existing PID and if we pass read,write permissions, we can interact with it as well:

I also like the script command. Passing in a device descriptor, you can open the shell and check it’s history:

Note: Some systems don’t support for the -f flag, like OS X.

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