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State Of: March 2015

March 16, 2015 Comments Permalink

We are up to 3,000 views a month! Woohoo! Also, I have been working on cleaning up a lot of the issues with the imported posts in some of my...

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Vectra Networks Dashing Widget

March 6, 2015 Comments Permalink

For those who know me, know I've been working with a new vendor, Vectra Networks. These guys have one of the most solid and responsive systems I've seen yet when...

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Running A One-Man Security Team

February 28, 2015 Comments Permalink

OMG, DO THEY STILL EXIST? Yes. And there's nothing you can do about it. Many companies are not willing to invest in security until they are hit with a massive...

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Displaying Responsive Ads

February 28, 2015 Comments Permalink

If you resize this blog, you'll notice that the ads on the bottom resize with your screen. Here is a quick way to accomplish this using Namecheap:

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Slackdraft - The Simplest Way To Integrate

February 22, 2015 Comments Permalink

What Is Slack? Slack is the finest messaging and chat platform to find itself entangled in the world wide web since the dot com boom. If you don't know what...

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Simple Port Forwarding with IPTables

February 20, 2015 Comments Permalink

Background I run a Git server behind a reverse proxy for HTTP/S traffic. This is all fine and dandy, but causes headaches when you want to use git: or ssh:...

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Validate x509 (SSL) Certificates and Keys

February 17, 2015 Comments Permalink

If you work commonly enough with SSL, you know that verifying certificates and keys needs to be done before you push a configuration change to a server. Thankfully nginx has...

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Converting From Wordpress to Jekyll

February 13, 2015 Comments Permalink

Background Today, I migrated all the posts from highonphp.com to here. Since Jekyll is all about the static files, I had to get a way to export the posts from...

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Getting An Apple Model Name from the Serial Number

February 12, 2015 Comments Permalink

In TitanOSX, I use the serial number of the device as a unique key/index. This is because there should always be a unique serial number. Part of the reason is,...

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Adding Comments to JunOS XML

February 11, 2015 Comments Permalink

One of the projects I have been working on makes a NETCONF call from a worker script to several JunOS devices to apply changes to a blacklist/whitelist prefix-list. This serves...

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Testing OpenSSL Speeds

February 10, 2015 Comments Permalink

I was recently benchmarking to use of 4096-bit RSA certificates for some secure host communications. One of the servers was a raspberry pi, (lol) and the other was a beast...

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Attaching to Existing Processes in *nix

February 9, 2015 Comments Permalink

Background I was working on a project where we had long-lived console sessions open with root terminals available. If you don't know what that means, simple put: THAT IS ZOMG...

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Ruby String Encoding Weirdness

February 6, 2015 Comments Permalink

I was investing some more time into rebuilding Cronus for TitanOSX. Within the communications from the titan client to Cronus, I have python make an HTTP call that adds a...

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An Awesome Write-up from Last Area41

February 2, 2015 Comments Permalink

This is still one of my favorite write-ups on how to solve the generic problem of wtf. For the past year, I read this on a weekly basis to replay...

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Syntax Highlighting With Cat

February 1, 2015 Comments Permalink

If you read a lot of source code or configuration files, and you're a loser that doesn't use vim, then these two commands will come in handy for you: It...

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Maximize Key Strength for Tmate

January 26, 2015 Comments Permalink

TMate is a pretty cool tool for sharing shell sessions remotely. I modified the create_keys script to read as the following, which maximizes the key strength for the 3 key...

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DamnSimpleWhitelist for Ruby

January 19, 2015 Comments Permalink

This class was created to be exactly what it's called, damn simple white-listing. (And for those captain-obvious' out there, yes, you can make it a black-list too. I'm so proud...

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Hello Scarecrow, A RESTful Interface For Spamhaus Feeds

January 14, 2015 Comments Permalink

Scarecrow is the easiest way to consume the Spamhaus feeds which is traditionally powered by DNS. Although effective in SMTP services, I've found much benefit in using it to protect...

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Generating OpenVPN Client Certs with Ruby

January 9, 2015 Comments Permalink

I was working on a project recently that dealt with generating and revoking SSL certs for OpenVPN clients in a simple and automated fashion, without paying for Access Server. Easy-RSA...

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Log Viewing With Ninetails

January 3, 2015 Comments Permalink

Ninetails is a simple python tool for viewing logs in a very efficient (and colorful) manner. Anyone familiar with intrusion detection, system troubleshooting, or even ops engineers investigating outages, it's...

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